No Shame In My Game!

We drove home last Sunday from NOLA returning from our cruise. Somewhere around Baton Rouge we made a pit stop for: gas, restroom & travel goodies! My hubby pumped gas while my job entailed shopping for the goodies: drinks, Funyuns & bubble gum, you know trash food, yay. I made my mile hike to the door and this good lookin’ young thing stood there holding the door for me. I said thank you and went about my shopping, I meandered the aisles as I looked for just the right crap to overload on, as if I didn’t eat enough cruise food, I digress. 

When I got back in the car I told my family about the hottie and made the statement that guys from Louisiana in general were such gentlemen. A few minutes go by and I went to place the yummy stash in my cars console and then I saw IT~  my eyes almost burnt from the sight; my bra, almost like a showpiece screamed at me “here’s your sign, dummy!” I’m sure I heard it snicker at me too, almost taunting me, then I made the AHHHHHHHHHHH gasp so loud; the car literally came to a halt, my hubby yelled out a few explicits my way as to why I scared the shit out of him and almost killed our entire family. I said “Oh my god, I went into the store with no bra on………..which made my shirt appear almost see-thru. The entire car chuckled at my misfortune and my mother added insult to injury and yelled out from the backseat “Awe such gentleman from Louisiana, no wonder he held that door so long for you!” 

For those of you who might have wondered “why I didn’t have it on?” I would have to say, touché, good guestion; I was so uncomfortable with it on, I decided for comforts sake it had to come off,  I had no previous intentions on going inside, much less out of my vehicle. Now that I think about it, the girls looked at me strange too, sweet and southern but none-the-less strange.

P.S.  Funny thing~ I wore a beachy looking shirt that had sea turtles on it and they were placed in a precarious position on my blouse. 



  1. If you got ’em, flaunt ’em!

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    1. dawnsdorkydiary says:

      Funny thing, I got ’em, but they’re not really big enough to overly flaunt! I’ll just say this, when I was younger and went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and peeps yelled show your tata’s, I did not garner the largest of beads, like some of my bigger boobied pals, LOL.


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