Roughin’ it!

My family is “legit” camping this weekend, like in a tent! We haven’t camped like this since our kids were toddlers. Albeit, we do have modern luxuries; like a Keurig (electric outlet), large 10 person tent, space heater and other modern goodies,everything except a toilet (which would have been lovely at 3:39am, wah). Weather forecast is good- sunny and highs in the mid 70’s, but the low at 48 last night, was a little chilly, space heater or not:) 

Funny moment last evening~ my son tried to chop wood for the campfire and the axe head flew off, stellar moment. Also it’s a lot of fun talking and laughing in the tent while everyone was trying to go to sleep (internet waining on smartphones.) I’ll blog some to share, oh if only I got video of the axe head flying off and all of our reactions. 

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  1. Love these moments that bring us together as a family! The laughter is just icing on the cake.
    I love that you do so many amazing adventures with them as well!
    Roughing it can be one of those moments!

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