I LOVE it when #23!

Image representing Siri as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

1. Bees are buzzing outside, Springtime —my fave season:)

2. My sewing machine bobbin has thread on it…(Sewing peeps, you know)

3. I wallpaper & it matches up right away!

4. I paint my nails & it actually goes on my nails the first time, rather than all over my fingers & the nail polish jar.

5. I’m painting the shed door in my backyard & I don’t spill the paint all over the ground!

6. I wake up at Walt Disney World!

7. I Daydream about our upcoming cruise on the Disney Dream this Summer!

8. I get my monies worth of whatever I’ve purchased!

9. I prove that the impossible can be done, set your mind to something peeps & make it happen.

10. I make Siri on my iPhone curse, so immature– but a blast, try it!