Is this WEIRD?

Own make Disney logo for Disney Portal(Chinese)
Own make Disney logo for Disney Portal(Chinese) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years & years ago–I checked out a Disney Guide book (what else) over & over at my neighborhood library. One day — I took it to the park & while my kids played, I accidentally dropped it in the mud, I cleaned it up & returned it to the library when it was due. Weeks later, I tried to check it out again & the librarian said the pages looked muddy & she couldn’t check it out–till she found out who last used it. I said probably me, being that I always checked it out. This is where honesty doesn’t pay——or rather it DOES.The librarian had the nerve to make me buy the book. It was still READABLE, nothing torn, just a little bit of dried dirt here & there. I paid for it,  but was upset because it had been weeks & I’m sure other peeps had checked it out, the fact that no one noticed or mentioned it to me after I checked it back in, is what really bothered me. They obviously had it back on the shelf waiting for a new patron, I was OBVIOUSLY the only idiot to recheck the same book out. Disney costs me in more ways than one!!!!!!! Is this WEIRD?