Poor Teachers

Peyton's new haircut @ Laniwai Spa at Aulani Resort!

My daughter & her friend were gabbing back & forth in the car, about the teachers at their school. One teacher was mentioned quite a bit, so my MOM ears tuned in to their teenage gossip. Get ready for this——–They actually said “Yeah & he is SOOOO mean, when he wakes you up in class!!!!!!!!” I was floored, I said “Yes he has every reason to be upset, because you’re NOT suppose to sleep in class!!!!”

That’s not all. They informed me — that a girl in class got her “paper/note” taken up by the same teacher & how dare him (teacher) not give it back at the end of class. I said “Was it a note?” They said “NO, it was homework for another class……………..” I said “Is something wrong with y’all, You’re suppose to listen & learn from him during his class & nothing else, point-blank & PERIOD!”

Kids today