My Dad’s Crazy X-Ray?

Chest X-ray PA
Chest X-ray PA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the car on the way to my dad’s doctor’s appointment for his chest X-ray, he starts talking crazy. Crazy talk went like this=

” When they look at the x-ray will they see what I ate for breakfast?” We said No, silly, it will show your chest: like your lungs & heart. He said “Oh yeah, I knew that!” For fun, I then asked: What did you have for breakfast? He said “Peanut butter toast & banana.” We laughed & laughed because we pictured the piece of toast & banana showing up in whole on a X-ray! Can you picture it??????? It just tickled us & we needed a good laugh…


**Obviously not my dads real x-ray— picture the toast & banana in this x-ray!