I LOVE it when #16

After Dorothy's departure, Blanche, Rose and S...
After Dorothy’s departure, Blanche, Rose and Sophia

1. I get to spend time with my niece & nephew!

2. My nail polish stays on longer than 2 days without chipping.

3. A Golden Girls marathon is airing! Even though I have the entire DVD collection.

4. I go to a doctor’s appointment & they don’t rob me blind.

5. My laptop’s mother-board burn’t out, but I have a backup laptop!

6. My hubby doesn’t forget to take trash out for garbage pick-up.

7. My son brushes his teeth without me reminding him too.

8. All my pets are thriving & live to see another day. Two parakeets, dog, cat, crab, turtle, two fish–SCRATCH crab, he died (just remembered) 

9. My home is just the right temperature! Like right now:)

10. I have a new mammogram & its negative for breast cancer. That’s the only time a negative is a POSITIVE! Amen!!!! (waiting June 7th, I find out)