London or Dallas

Picture this, we’re driving in Dallas! I’m lost on my way to Baylor Medical Center & in a hurry, due to my sis having her baby early. I’m usually good with directions but this trip I was just off, missed the mark, geographically impaired, just not with it. I was listening to my iPhone directions also my 78yr old father in my ear telling me  “Take Beltline or Preston Road, they’ll take you to just about anywhere in Dallas !”(true) & did I mention he was using an old city map that didn’t even list all the cities & my two kids & mother were in the car, it was chaos! So all of a sudden in the midst of trying to locate the hospital —my daughter yells out “I want to go to London!” and my father said “If we cant even get to Baylor, how do you expect us to get to London!”



                      WE MADE IT!



  1. Penney says:

    awwww, very sweet Dawn!


  2. disneymumma says:

    Very sweet picture, Auntie Dawn!! Love. 🙂


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