I LOVE it when #10!

Disney Aulani Pool Hotel
Disney Aulani Pool Hotel (Photo credit: glennia)

1. I get upgraded for free to anything without asking, because I will ask, no shame, I embarass my hubby a lot.

2. A fallen hero (military) gets the same amount of gratitude & honor as a drunken, drugged out celebrity, priorities twisted just a bit.

3. My hubby gets to go to the lake house with us, works so much.

4. We have a new wooden deck & it looks better than expected.

5. Lake Hamilton makes my kids excited & somewhat get along!

6. Its cold & rainy & I can blog.

7. I’m three weeks away from my Aulani trip (Hawaii) & planning excursions.

8. Tomorrow will be two weeks & six days out from trip.

9. A two & half hour drive to Hot Springs goes by in a flash.

10. I’m on a lo-carb diet & find a new delicious lo-carb treat that I enjoy.


  1. Michael says:

    I am so happy reading your posts everyday. Thank You for sharing your wonderful life. Have a happy St. Valentine’s Day to you and all at home. God Bless. !!!


    1. dawnsdorkydisneydiary says:

      You are so sweet, thank you sincerely for reading my posts. I hope you also have a Happy Valentines Day! God bless right back to you….I also enjoy reading your blog, it’s very uplifting. I’m also one of those people who does many things, simply because I try, unfortunately a lot of people don’t bother, sad. Have a great day…


      1. Michael says:

        Have a great day too and keep excelling. !!!


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