“Commonly broken” New Year’s Resolution’s

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Lose weight – I will, till I’m offered a donut.

Quit Smoking – You’ll try your best, but if someone offers you a drag, you’ll  have just one. Sure.

Learn Something New  –  You’ll probably stick to this one, about a day, maybe a new word on a fortune cookie paper.

Eat healthier  –  One week later,  you’re in a hurry & just grab a quick bite of fast food! Why do people think if they say quick bite, it’s not really cheating on a diet, your still eating it, no matter how fast you do it!

Save Money – Open a savings account & constantly transfer the money back to your checking account. Moving money around is not saving.

Spend time with family – No matter how much some of them get on your nerves, (not my family) tomorrow they may not be here! Cherish.

Travel more – By travel,  I mean out of your home state & a few more states over. Somewhere your uncomfortable, that way you can learn more about yourself. Really.

Less Stress  – Spending more time with family  (earlier resolution) causes a certain amount of stress, I know (not my family) but try to slow down & breath.

Volunteer – Don’t just say it, DO it! Even if it’s volunteering some of your husbands clothes to goodwill without him knowing it.

Drink less – Instead of drinking a lot of sips, GUZZLE IT!  Therefore drinking less sips overall & keeping at least one resolution in tact.

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