Vastly different donations @Goodwill Stores!

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My hubby & I were talking about Goodwill Stores (slow conversation day, I guess) and just having fun joking about the items you would find in various Goodwill stores, throughout different States. These are stereotypical references towards the states we mention, really  meant as a fun archetype.

Goodwill stores feature gently used and new items for bargain prices, most of which is donated.

  •  Texas– would sell more cowboy hats, boots, belts with rhinestones, a lot of leather goods.
  •  Louisiana– probably more camouflage than any other state besides Arkansas, fishing shirts, fishing rods & “Git er dun” type t-shirts, swamp people tees.
  • Arkansas– sleeveless shirts for men & women, also cut off shirts for men, one that show’s there belly &  loads of maternity wear, cuz these folks are always preggers:)
  • Florida– Mickey Mouse tees, alligator face t-shirts, orange tree items, princess or fairy plates or cups, golf clothes, a lot of elderly crap from all the old people who have passed on:(
  • New York- eye glasses, winter wear, snow boots, hats, sweaters, suits, Mets ballcap & last but certainly not least an Empire state building t-shirt & replica.
  • California– legalize marijuana t-shirts, (first time spelling marijuana, hope its right) black & brown bear t-shirts, shorts, rainbows on clothing, flip-flops, sandals, tank tops.
  • New Jersey– giant earrings, shimmery-shiny clothing, hairspray, a lot of jewelry, partially used makeup, cheetah print something or other.

Just a few of the states we mentioned, all for a good laugh, between the two of us & y’all!