I hate it when #13

English: A Victa lawn mower.
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1. I just woke up in the morning & I’m still tired.

2. My dog barks in middle of night & won’t stop.

3. Someone said they’ve called you & there is no record of  the call & they give you the impression, you’re lying.

4. My hubby puts a dirty dish in the sink, knowing we always put them straight in the dishwasher, unless full. You would think after 16 years he would know this.. Keep’s me on my toes!

5. Trying to help with my parents yard & the gas tank on lawnmower literally fell off twice in the front yard! Making the yard work twice as long…

6. On hold with cell phone company for 20 minutes, then they transfer you to someone new, only to get hung up on. Not happy…

7. A dentist’s files your old insurance after you have already given them the current info.

8. Someone charges me through automated billing after I’ve already paid.

9. Someone puts me on hold after they’ve called me.

10. People have Christmas lights on half of their home, & I don’t mean top or bottom of house, I mean half, weird! Why bother putting them up at all!


    1. dawnsdorkydisneydiary says:

      I do as well, I feel I get that look a lot!


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