Kids Christmas List, they wish!

Christmas in the post-War United States
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First of all let me start this off by saying, my kids Peyton 14 & Logan 12 are absolutely insane, the things they put on they’re Christmas List are sometimes way over the top: Past items include: Car- neither are driving age yet, Four wheeler- not allowed in city limits, Second story added to house– that is actually on this year’s list, Horse- we don’t live in the country. One year I swear, one of them asked for a unicorn & actually specified what color the horn should be! Kids are so spoiled these days, back in the day, didn’t they receive fruit & handmade mittens, I miss the good ole’ days! Can you imagine their surprise, if under the tree on Christmas Day, there was two apples, orange & a crocheted hat! They’d be like “Oh know you di’ent,” all up in here! I should do it & video their expression, just for kicks, haha!!! Merry Christmas to me, Ho, Ho, Ho.

I wrote a little something special, in honor of this gag: Oh Pey & Log, Merry Christmas to y’all. I’ve got some news for you, that you can’t refuse, you’ll be surprised to see,  the second story on the house will never be, nor the MAC makeup & Ipod Touch 4g. But don’t worry, don’t you fret, Santa didn’t forget, he’s left you some fruit for your belly & a nice scarf for your neck! HAHA