And you thought yesterday was crazy in Dallas!

Picture this,  I’m feverish waking up to a very dreary day outside, rain in the forecast, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of 100% rain before, but that’s what they forecasted in Dallas Texas! It started off with breakfast, hotel was out of butter, a little odd being that a lot of their breakfast items are usually served with butter like bagels, toast etc. Then off to my sister’s home to meet before driving to the Stonebriar Mall and I got turned all around & it took a lot longer to get there than planned, oh yeah and it was pouring down rain to boot! Got to mall, took about 15-20 minutes in parking garage to find parking space, you practically have to force your way in–it was do or die baby, survival of the fittest, so my father jumped out and stood there, just to make sure, that no one had any bright Idea’s.

So were in the mall, I was already on pins & needles from the stress of the car ride over to mall from the rain, lack of correct directions &  my parents ohhing & ahhing over any car that got close to us & another parent not hearing a damn thing anyone in the car was saying, so he would repeat stuff. Finally at mall & my wit’s end, we arrive in the Lego store, my son Logan wants a small order of what seems like thousands of itty bitty Lego pieces, we get up to the register & Can you guess what happens next???? YEP, he drops the whole plastic dish with the Lego pieces– all over the floor,  and after picking them up, one man has the nerve to tell me, while pointing “Ma’am (first of all don’t call me Ma’am) you missed one!” It was literally the tiniest green Lego piece, I’ve ever seen…. I had to refrain myself, I almost said  “you know where you can stick it, bud!”

We ate at Dave & Busters for lunch & there were a lot of empty tables all around us but they stuck the 7 of us essentially in a walk space smushed between two other families, so if you had to go to restroom or have room to literally breath you had to move the table because you were so tightly stuck, helping to add to my already & growing, sour sick mood. We played lots of games, wasted lots of moolah and won tickets & it was time to redeem them & retrieve prizes, well in doing so, my daughter Peyton couldn’t get her CD she downloaded, it was stuck in machine, so it took one manager & three different techs a total of 40 minutes to get her CD out, at this time my parents were extremely worn out & I was soooo over this joint! We left mall, tired & more stressed & now in dark & raining harder.

Trying to look for IKEA Store, GPS in-car not working & daughters phone GPS wasn’t working because her phone was dead, & I couldn’t say anything because, can u believe this my phone was also dead so we never found it, It was so dark & rainy you could barely see 5 feet in front of you, so we retired that thought quickly then had a crazy notion to find Fry’s Electronics & go there, after looking around a little over 30 minutes we gave up on that pipe dream also…At this point it was time to head back to good ole’ Addison, Texas to hotel & forget this day ever happened!!!!!CRAZY TOWN

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  1. Colleen says:

    OMGosh, girl!! I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how your weekend was going…gotta say, never imagined that scenario! 😦 And feverish, too? Hope you’re feeling better this morning. ((hugs)) #TFF


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