My dad & his skunk!

Skunks Fucking
Image by artindeepkoma via Flickr

Around 4:30 one morning, my father phoned my hubby and asked him if he could come over immediately & help him out with a little problem. My hubby rushed over, concerned of what the problem would be so early in the morning. My dad previously in the week had noticed a skunk visiting his backyard a few times, so he decided to put a trap out, a humane trap (live catch). The emergency call was, he CAUGHT it–  that was the good part of the story and the bad part of the story was also, he CAUGHT it!

What to do now, the skunk could see them thru the wired cage he was now trapped in, so he wasn’t a happy skunk, my hubby decided to let my dad handle this one on his own, he stayed to cheer him on & moral support, so he & my mother stayed safely inside the kitchen drinking coffee while watching this interesting, yet amusing tale unfold outside the back window.

Picture this, a seventy something year old man in his Pj’s with a coat in his hand, creeping up to a cage– with a live skunk in it, while both the skunk & my dad were eyeing each others every move. Then with super agility like the BIONIC MAN, my dad throws the coat over the cage & takes him out to let loose in a safer environment for him & my parents! I know, I know, it would have been a lot funnier if the skunk sprayed him, but the truth is—- he could have. Supposedly the skunk looked back when being let go, like THX sucka!!!!!!! then he SPRAYED…Just kidding—but that would have been funny also.