5 Household items you should have on-hand:

1. Bleach gets rid of germs in every part of the home also whiten’s clothes, clean toilets, sterilize & sanitize.

2. White Vinegar– Gets rid of bad odors, removes stains from carpets & clothing, cleans glass , stainless steel & chrome, also cleans appliances inside & out, floors, counters.

3. Duct tape– You would be surprised that duct tape can do more than tape a naughty kids mouth shut. Quick fix for hemming curtains, clothes & plumbing issues, etc.

4. Broom– Sweeps everything like window seals, dust ceiling fans, use to scrape something stuck on floor. Shoo bugs, kids, or hubbies away, lol.

5. Trash bags– Fill with garbage, pack up winter clothes for storage, hide Christmas presents (didn’t work that well, I always found them, haha) cover items to keep dust free, etc.