5 ways to get rid of visual chaos

Dishwasher with dishes
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1. Staring, jumping, avoiding it, isn’t going to make the clutter disappear, so get off your bum & pick it up, cause I can bet you, no one else in your home will do it. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t bother anyone but you.

2. Good rule of thumb, if you or family member hasn’t worn it, in one month, donate it. If you keep thinking you’re going to fit in it, YOUR NOT-get rid of it!

3. If your kids haven’t played with a certain toys in two weeks time, pack up, some of their toys in a box to donate & the other half put away in closet, leaving them a few toys to play with at a time. Then every few months switch them out, they will respect & enjoy them more this way!

4. Don’t leave dishes in sink, here’s what I like to do, always empty the dishwasher when dishes are clean, therefore when you make dirty ones, put them directly in dishwasher till fully loaded. The only time you should have dishes in sink, when you have a load cleaning.

5. Do daily lite cleaning, so it doesn’t get overwhelming. A little laundry at a time, clean up right after your messes, if you see something on the floor pick it up, right then, don’t assume someone else will, then one week later, it’s still there & YOU HAVE TO PICK IT UP ANYWAY! I know I’ve tried that method, it didn’t work…..

Just a few little ideas to help remove clutter, because when your house is a mess your life usually is! LOL……