I LOVE it when #2

Trombone basse pavillon
Image by piRGoif via Flickr

1. Everything is going my way

2. My kids don’t make D’s & F’s.

3. While on phone with my cell phone provider  they don’t switch me to nine different people from nine different countries.

4. My pen has ink.

5. I have a funtastic trip to plan.

6. My son forgets his trombone at school (shh, he doesn’t read this.)

7. My daughter doesn’t complain for ten minutes straight——about me.

8. I’m productive.

9. Milk is still good in the refrigerator.

10. My hubby is off & can take the kids to school & I sleep in. (today, YAY!)


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  1. Colleen says:

    Great list!


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