Tip of the day! Halloween

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14 tips to keep your kids safe and happy on Halloween.

1- Wear make-up instead of a mask.  A mask cuts off your vision and prevents you from seeing cars. Remember your street safety rules about cars, crossings and jay-walking.

2- Go out in a group or with an adult, never by yourself.

3- Wear reflector tape on your costume and on your treat bag.  Be sure to carry a flashlight that works and gives a good beam.

4- Only visit the homes in your local area where you know the people.

5- If the house is in darkness don’t bother wasting your time, just go on to the next house.

6- Always be polite and say trick or treat.  Then make sure you say thank you after you receive the treat.

7- Wait at the end of the line before you go to the door if there are people there before you.  Pushing only results in accidents and spilled treat bags.

8- Just stand outside the door, not right up to the door. Never go inside the house.  If they insist you go inside, run to the next house and report the incident so the police can check it out.


9- Keep your costume short so it doesn’t trip you.

10- If the weather is going to be dangerous that night, try to arrange a block party where the neighbours get together at one house or have some designated houses where the neighbours leave their treats so the kids can collect what is there at that house without having to try the icy streets.

11- Check all your treats before you eat them. Throw out any treats that are not store-wrapped.  It’s not worth the chance.  There might be poison or a pin stuck inside it.

12- If you see any suspicious vehicles or anyone trying to grab someone, go to the nearest house and report it, so the police can check it out immediately.  Try to remember the license plate or house number where the incident took place.

13- Better still, arrange to have a few house parties with your friends about a half hour in length.  Have a little party at  your house and then go to another party and then another.  Perhaps arrange with three neighbours to have 3 quick short parties about one half hour each.  Arrange treat bags with homemade goodies.  The kids will love them instead of that store-bought junk that usually makes them sick.  They will have lots of fun and you won’t have to bother worrying about them or trying to take them around.

14- If you are going to a party later, remember to bring your brain home intact.  By this I mean, no drugs or alcohol.

  May you all have a very happy and safe Hallowe’en!

Thx to eSSortment website for this info.