What to do with leftover Halloween candy

halloween candy 2
Image by andrechinn via Flickr

Set Limitations – Kids need limitations, especially when it comes to candy. You must determine what is right for your family, whether its throwing it out after Halloween night (STUPID) or allowing them one or two pieces after dinner each evening, (BORING). Some parents might allow their kids to keep their bags, but only for a week

Give It Away – Allow your kids to keep a certain ration, then give the rest away. Take it to your office or gift it to a neighbor, the troops overseas, or your beauty salon.

Baked Goods – Use the chocolate to top homemade brownies, shortbread, or cookies. Make a delicious treat out of your loot & enjoy yourself or give to elderly neighbor, one that doesn’t have diabetes, that could have a negative result.

Other Treats For Treats – Some parents will exchange a non-sugar treat like a toy or a fun activity for their children’s candy. Also, several dentists are involved in a Halloween Candy Buy Back that pays kids $1 per pound of candy they give up. My orthodontist actually gives out real candy,  ewe, awe, really! YAY….

Let Them Eat it – It may be radical and potentially unheard of, but Halloween is once a year, and kids are kids only once. Allow them this special chance to eat the delicious contents of their trick-or-treat bag. I prefer this choice, let them go crazy, they will stop on their own, one way or another, either by getting  full or sick or both. GOOD TIMES< GOOD TIMES