McDonald’s drama

About six months ago, I pulled up at the drive thru line at good ole’ Mickey dee’s to grab dinner (lazy mom). There are two ways to pull thru front & back of restaurant. I usually pull thru the back and enter drive thru line, so I’m in line patiently waiting, I always leave a gap in case a car needs to back out or get by before my turn at speaker. A car pulls from front towards drive thru line, assuming they are getting in behind me since I had been waiting a while & was obviously there before them (manners). The car in front goes then the woman jerks real fast in what should have been my spot, so I honk & look at her, because of pure dismay (I never honk, unless life threatening accident might occur, rare day)  and she looks back yelling something & motioning her middle finger (oh no, she didn’t) Wow, she must really like McDonalds, I thought. The butthead finally pulls up to the speaker and a big sign says “CASH ONLY” I’ve always believed in KARMA, but this was by far the fasted KARMA I had ever seen take affect! She obviously didn’t have cash, because she jerked out of there so fast, I yelled out –KARMA, hehahehaheha! The strange thing , I usually never have cash on me, I use my debit card, but this specific day, I had cash!    CRAZY!!