Stop Sign drama

So the other day while driving to pick up my daughter from school, I stopped at a stop sign when I heard the most annoying honk, like someone was having a field day with their horn, laying on it hard. I looked back in the rear view mirror expecting to see a zit faced teenager. With what do my wandering eyes do I see, a grown woman with her baby (and no tiny reindeer, hehe). Shocked by her antics, I then thought,  how RUDE. I then drove down the street  and stopped at yet another stop sign & sat a little longer than normal just to be childish (one of those days) She honked like crazy again, then all of a sudden, the lunatic jumped out of her car, (as I quickly locked mine) ran up to my window, leaving her baby in her car, yelling at me, to go, gestering all over the place and using a few curse words here & there. So stunned, by how brave she was to run up to a strangers car like its  an everyday occurance, like one of those broads who would start a bar fight. Didn’t her parents ever teach her, don’t go up to strangers windows, because they might have a weapon on them, (I don’t, maybe I should now). I just sat in my car with my mouth open, in disbelief that an adult mother would act this way. Finally she got back in her car and drove around me and out of the neighborhood! Weird day!