Paw paw quote

Cartoon of a redneck hillbilly.
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We’re driving to Hot Springs, Arkansas to enjoy our little vacay spot, as we do about once a month.  I drag my parents along for the ride, and good times, good times. I’ve always said my family should have their own reality show, because the crazy things that come out of our mouths & things we do. We video a lot of our “car moments” because really, we like to have a good laugh more than once, about the same stupid stuff. One day my son was in 2nd row of SUV in between my retired parents and he’s going on & on and no one was really paying him any attention,  holding his gums up exposing his teeth saying “I’m not a hillbilly at all,” looking around, he happened to speak right in my dad’s face “Hehe, I’m not a hillbilly at all!” At that second my dad yelled out “Logan, brush your damn teeth!” You really had to be there, we watch that darn video over & over.  We’re not sure why he was acting like a hillbilly in the first place.