Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day has different meanings for different folks! Some feel it’s the start of Summer- YAY! Some get it confused with Veterans Day, which is fine too, and some hit the nail on the head, honoring all Military Men and Women whom gave the ultimate price for our freedom and that is exactly what Memorial Day truly is! A day to celebrate our fallen soldiers. So a big shoutout of gratitude to you all. I respect and honor each and everyone of you!

The word Memorial means- to remind people of a person or event- to commemorate someone or something! In the beginning of this post I mentioned different meaning for different folks, I have a very different feeling about Memorial Day, than I ever did before.

It’s the very LAST day that I made memories with my daddy- May, 27th, 2019, not realizing that it would be my very last memory of him. What used to be one of my favorite holidays has pretty much been tarnished.


Instead of my usual Memorial Day fun-ness, like enjoying a lake day, day drinking, camping or a vacay out of town, something had me hold tight at home that day. (GOD)

Ryan worked that day, so I decided to call up my parents and drive them around town, hitting our usual haunts and walking down memory lane, as we often did, with daddy in his usual front passenger seat and my mama right behind him in hers. Me and my road-dogs hit the town cruising down particular roads and areas that had memories to us. By the end of the drive we worked up an appetite and my daddy had his heart set on Ribs, what daddy wants daddy gets, so we grabbed Podnuh’s Barbecue. We drove back to parents house and I dropped them off and that was the last day I made memories with my daddy!

A bittersweet day that will live in infamy with me, Memorial Day, 2019! I’m fortunate that we had such a great day, and that I had an unbelievable daddy and a beautiful relationship with him, I spent more time with a daddy than most adults and I enjoyed every second of it, with absolutely no regrets, but it’s also sad that I can’t make anymore memories with him. The finality of it’s hard, even a year later, the absence of his loss is extremely overwhelming! But, today and every Memorial Day, I’ll continue to honor the fallen Military and forever remember the last memories with my daddy! Happy Memorial Day!