“Essential” Cruise Packing List

All aboard matey, it’s cruise time! Packing is the most crucial part of any trip, especially a cruise, because once you’re onboard, you are kind of stuck there. So that makes packing a significant component when planning a cruise. This is a list I’ve compiled from one cruise lover to another. The list is ever-changing as your cruise experience and/or trip destination requires different items.

An Alaskan cruise would possibly call for a winter coat and mittens, depending on the time of year you travel. The Caribbean, a hot little bikini or NOT. Everybody’s family dynamic is different and so is the way everyone travels, so you can personalize the cruise items to your likes, dislikes and requirements.

I’m not necessarily going to state the obvious items, i.e., shirts and underwear, as you should know this yourself or maybe you go commando, woot (no judgement!) Enjoy your get away and please feel free to add or comment below with something you think is a must-have when cruising.

Cruise Contract/Tickets
Cruise Luggage Tags
Birth Certificates or Passports.
Photo ID
Confirmation Documentation

Insurance Cards
Prescriptions Medications/Ibuprofen/Seasick
Oxygen/Concentrator/Breathing Apparatus, etc.
Electrical Power Strip (usually only one outlet per stateroom.)
Small Extension Cord

Emergency Contact List
Medical History Health List
Car Insurance Card if renting vehicle in foreign country
Shoe Organizer for bathroom toiletries.
Bathroom toiletries/Shower Cap/Razors/Qtips, etc.

Walkie Talkies (If you’re traveling with extended family/Kids)
Ear Plugs or Sound Machine
Umbrella/Rain Poncho’s
Small Fan (air conditioner is mediocre onboard, could also block out noise from hallway)

Lip Balm
Hand Sanitizer
Travel Pillow (but don’t forget after your cruise, like my dad did, so sad it was his favorite pillow)
Deck of Cards
Flashlight (just in case of power outage, ahh scary)

Mini Sewing Kit with Scissors
Pop-Up Laundry Bag (Dollar Tree)
Bungee cords (to hold balcony door open, balcony doors vary on different cruise lines)
Small denomination of money for additional tips (Room Service, Porters, etc.) remember onboard is a cashless system.
Downey Wrinkle Release Spray (NO Irons in room) they do have some self-care laundry rooms per floor on cruise ship (usually) to iron or wash your items; also you could send them to the cruise laundromat and they do them for a small fee.

Toothbrushes/Oral Hygiene goodies
Hair Brush/Hairspray/Hair Utensils
Shampoo/Soap/Razors/Body Wash/Lotion
Eyewear/Contact Lens/Cleanser/Sunglasses/Strap

Beach Hat/Ball Cap/Pimp Daddy Hat/Hat
Feminine products
Appropriate outerwear for cool windy evenings (All 4 Seasons)
Alarm Clock
“Tide to Go” stain remover

Fanny Pack/Backpack/Beach bag
Snorkel Set and don’t forget the Vaseline if you (haha) or your man has a mustache, helps seal the mask
Legal-age passengers can bring onboard alcohol, check with your particular Cruise Line, as it varies greatly
Don’t forget your Wine bottle opener.
Again, this varies greatly per Cruise Line, but most allow you to bring onboard: Bottled Water, Canned Sodas, etc. (Check with your particular cruise line)

A great book to read or pretend to read while you really people watch, LOL!
Suntan Lotion/Aloe Vera Cool Spray for sunburn
Bug Spray
Swim Wear/Cover up
Lint Roller

Night Light
Travel Laundry detergent
Change for self-laundry if needed
Refillable Cup~ you can fill up with ice tea, lemonade or coffee and carry to the Lido Deck
Footwear/Comfortable Shoes for excursions/Sandals/Water Shoes/Flip Flops/Dress Shoes Men & Women/Tennis Shoes for Gym/Basketball/Socks.

Clorox Wipes to wipe down room/remote control/light switches/door knobs/toilet & handle, etc.
Lysol Spray (trust me, you’ll need it, lol.)
Camera/Go Pro/Video Camera/Batteries/SD Card/Chargers
Cell Phones/Cell phone Chargers/Headsets/Selfie Stick
Insulated Bag~TIP~ get ice from room steward, use your sandwich bags from home and grab room service (free) sandwiches, fruit and take with you on port excursion for free lunch, great especially for beach excursions)
Sandwich Bags (for the ice above and sandwiches

Clothes/Formalwear (if needed- 5 nights or less one night formal attire/5+ nights, two nights’ formal attire)
Decorations for your stateroom door if you like to differentiate from others or to make it easier to find when you’re drunk
Pen/Highlighter to highlight the activities onboard
Post-it-Notes (to leave notes for other cruisers or your room steward)

TIPS~ (because I just can’t shut up………really……………….seriously……………..OK, I’ll stop…still here……NOW)

*Don’t forget to call your credit card company and let them know where you’re traveling so they don’t think your card is fraudulently being used and shut it down, that would be a very upsetting trip and souvenir-less, wah! 

*Call your wireless carrier and let them know where you’ll be traveling and they’ll give you information on shutting down your phone appropriately, unless you like to pay outrageous foreign country roaming charges, didn’t think so homey

*Call Ghostbusters- (kidding)

*Don’t forget to pack your legal Alcohol (yes, I’m a nerd like that, if you can’t pay for it legally-don’t drink), Medications, Oxygen, Oxygen Concentrator and Personal documentation in your carry-on bag to aid in a smooth cruise check-in

*Please lock all personal info in your stateroom safe, better safe than sorry

Most Important~ don’t forget to let loose and enjoy your crazy, you’re on island time now baby!