Disney Bounding WTF?!

Disney Bounding, you’re probably thinking WTF, right? Does this mean that you’re bound to Disney once you arrive at the park or maybe it’s something freaky that Disney lovers do. Nope and EWWWWWWW……… Don’t worry, most folks have not a clue, so Disney Dawn is here to help you and fill in the WTF.


Disney Bounding is simply a way to honor your favorite Disney character by dressing similar to their style but not necessarily identical like cosplayers do. If you have mad love for a Disney character then don’t be afraid to show it and show off your creativity!

You don’t have to be at the parks to partake in all the bounding, some peeps do it daily, it can be something simple and subdued or dramatic and flamboyant, it’s really up to you and your i.m.a.g.i.n.a.t.i.o.n (Figment would love that).


Color blocking is subtle and the easiest way to resemble your favorite Disney character . Try mixing the characters predominant colors together, you can do this with clothing, shoes, hair pieces, makeup, etc. This trend began a few years ago as a clever way around Disney’s dress code policy, which states that if you’re 14 & older you cannot dress like a Disney character in the parks. Disney’s reason- it could detract from other guest experiences and children might confuse a Disney Bounder as the REAL thing.

Surprise, there are exceptions to this rule and Disney profits from this, whatttttttt, not Disney?! They’re called Special Event Tickets such as; Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and runDisney to name a few. Disney’s reputation is very important and they definitely don’t want drunk Dopey, sloppy Snow White or Manic Mickey tarnishing it. Another gold star for why Disney Bounding is a magical alternative.

Mickey Mouse

Is Mickey Mouse your hero, if so you might wear his signature colors like red, black & yellow with a pair of Mickey Ears. Accessorizing is the easiest way to become one with a character. Maybe Cinderella is more to your liking then try out a baby blue dress or blouse with a headband or vest like my daughter did in the above photo. If my fellow Louisianian Princess Tiana is your fave maybe a gorgeous green outfit and matching tiara would be lovely. It’s really just a fun way to enhance your Disney spirit and let others know you’re a kid at heart!


As a human being I enjoy people watching, who doesn’t?! What better place to people watch “characters” than Walt Disney World Resort, almost better than Wal-Mart. It’s especially entertaining to guess who the Disney Bounder is impersonating.

Princess Tiana

Now that you know WTF Disney Bounding is, you can skip a little faster with your new found Disney street cred, hopefully down Main Street dressed to resemble your beloved Disney character!