Amazon “Prime Now” available at Walt Disney World Resort!

Disney vacation deliveries have never been easier! Don’t want to leave the Disney bubble on your vacay? You’re in luck, you don’t have to!

You have more choices than ever before, Amazon “Prime Now” delivers directly to Walt Disney World Resort hotels. If you need groceries, snacks or personal supplies while on vacation, then Prime Now is whats up!

You might be asking yourself what is Prime Now? Prime Now is a division of Amazon that ships “limited” household and grocery items with lightening fast shipping. It’s an exclusive perk for Amazon Prime members. Once your order is complete it typically ships within 1 to 2 hours to your desired location.

One-hour delivery costs a flat fee of $7.99. *There is no additional cost for two-hour deliveries over $35.00.

My family utilized this grocery service on our recent multi-generational vacay at the most magical place on earth. The best part, I ordered two hours prior to my resort arrival.

Disney’s Bell Services department at Wilderness Lodge Resort accepted my grocery items from the Prime Now delivery service and stored them accordingly until our arrival.

It’s quick & easy, here’s how

Mobile Device-

  • I downloaded Prime Now App on my cell phone. FREE
  • If you’re an existing Amazon Prime member then your credit card information is stored already. If not, you’ll need to add it with other pertinent information.
  • On your mark, get set, GO and search Prime Now for your grocery needs.
  • First-time users can use a coupon code for a savings of ten dollars. 10PRIMENOW
  • I selected groceries, including beer, wine and household items that my wolf pack of seven would use for our eight-night vacay at Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort! I did not have to show ID to receive my alcohol, as I was not there to retrieve my delivery. (as stated on Amazon’s website)

Pro Tip-

*Make sure your ZIP Code reflects the location of your delivery. (32819 Orlando/Walt Disney World Resort)

*Make sure to notate delivery instructions for Amazon; such as your name, arrival time, hotel address, hotel name and notation for Bell Services to receive it. As well as give your hotel a heads up too via email, phone call, etc.

Refrigerated and dry items were stored appropriately at the resort until my family’s arrival. Upon arrival, Bell Services delivered them to our villa.

Cold items were stored in insulated bags and they were cold to the touch (always a good sign). Our room temperature items were perfect and ready for the pantry. Only negative, no fairy godmother to put them away!

I was very pleased with Prime Now and I will certainly use them in the future! There prices were comparable to Target and they were regular sized items as opposed to bulk like Costco or Sam’s Club.

If you have any questions about this service hit me up and I’ll be happy to answer.

PS~ Don’t forget during online checkout to add a tip for the driver!



  1. Samantha says:

    Do you need to put your room number? I want to take advantage of this when I fly down in a few days! So I just have them hold it at Bell service?
    I’m just double checking! Lol


    1. dawnsdorkydiary says:

      Hey Samantha,

      No, you don’t need your room number. Most Disney resorts don’t give out room numbers in advance of your arrival, unless you checked-in online and your room just happened to be ready by the time your order was complete. But if you’re already checked in and you’re staying in your room, I guess you could give it to them.
      I ordered Amazon Prime Now while still at my home airport before I departed for Florida. It might be better that they deliver to Bell Services because you might not be in your room when they deliver and some hotel buildings need resort key (MagicBand) to access. Great question!


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