Real-Life Prince Hubby Moment!

It’s the small things in a marriage that count! Alert- bragging hubby moment…


Let me set the scene~ I was decorating for CHRISTmas, resembling Princess Ratchet (NOT a Disney princess); sporting my Disney tiara while wearing ill-fitted yoga pants with no makeup on, hubby chillin’ on his beloved recliner watching sports and the kids were at their respective jobs. As I fiddled with our front door wreath, Ryan walked out, hugged me and said “Thank you for making our house homey with all your special touches!” The fact that he noticed and continues to let me know after 20+ years mean’s the world to me. My job as a homemaker still makes a difference, even though we no longer have small children.

A lot of little things add up in a marriage good and bad, but as long as you spot more good than bad you’ll have your real-life fairytale! Speaking of bad, if I could just get him to put down the toilet seat and move his shoes out of the laundry room doorway, it would truly be magical. Woot!