FBI Cyber Watch List?

kid car

Have you ever made a blog post, about a blog post before? I haven’t, till now. I realized after I published a recent blog post, I could possibly be on the FBI “cyber watch list” by complete accident, of course, LOL. So the other day I wrote another one of my “Is this WEIRD” blog posts, as I do often. It was about me hiding on the floorboard of my parent’s station wagon when I was younger. Needless to say, I needed a Google image to go with my post, so I typed in Google image search “child on floorboard of car,” “kid lying on floor of car,” “child ducking down in station wagon,” and “Clipart- hiding child in vehicle.” You get where this is going, right? I realized it seemed strange only after I published the article and the search damage was done. I joked with my hubby and said “Wow, I might actually be on the “FBI watch list” for looking up terms such as; hiding, child and  vehicle in the Google search window. I would much rather be on the Twitter List, “Tweets about Potatoes!” It’s a real list and I’m on it, don’t hate. Woot!