Gestures that are “HOT” when you’re married!

~Gestures that are “HOT” when you’re married. It might not be the fairytale you dreamt, but this is the real in reality:

  • When my hubby cleans out the garage without asking him too!
  • In the same day he picks out two perfectly sized yellow mums for the front porch, H-O-T, HOT!!
  • He texts “I love you” to my cellphone, while he is at work!
  • He tells me he appreciates me!
  • He enjoys or pretends to enjoy the meal I have cooked.
  • He mows my name in the grass in our backyard. Really…
  • He dances in the rain with me outside his truck in the middle of nowhere, to a beautiful country music song…..jelly?
  • He stopped his truck, picked a pretty flower from the side of the road and gave it to me.
  • He supports me 100% when I’m going up against our teenagers.
  • When he gives me a greeting card, he does more than just sign his name.
  • He thinks my love for a fictional mouse; Mickey Mouse, is endearing.

Real life isn’t always like the fairytale; actually it never is, but it can come close, if you keep your eyes open and notice these little nuggets of gold!