Disney costs us~ in more ways than one!!!

DCL BEDAfter coming off a fantastical seven night Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy, we realized our bed at home sucked. Every evening whilst on the cruise, I floated off to sleepy~town with no problem, I didn’t need my usual aid “the Golden Girls DVD Collection” like I do every evening at home. Within one week of being home and yet again using the assistance of the Golden Girls Gang, I realized our six-month old Serta memory foam mattress didn’t cut it, not even close. I had to figure out what mattress the Disney Fantasy used and pronto. I researched various websites online beginning with Disney Cruise Line. The literature confirmed DCL beds are~ Sealy Posturepedic® Premium Plush Euro-top mattresses. My hubby and I agreed, a mattress change was a comin’! We searched most the Sealy dealers in town and literally tried each mattress out for comfort level, I compared every mattress to our cruise bed, even the side in which I slept on during the cruise, it differed from the side at home. I’m sure we looked strange, carrying their pillows from one mattress to another, but I didn’t care, if we we’re going to spend a good chunk of change, I wanted it perfect. Needless to say, we found the mattress (angels were singing) at Ashley Furniture in town and it was set up this morning, yay. We also had to get the exact sheets & thread count used while onboard & of course I had to get all new bedding. My hubby said “My gosh even when we’re not on vacation, Disney costs us a lot of money!” Woot…..