I LOVE it when #24!

A year of runDisney medals at the Expo
A year of runDisney medals at the Expo (Photo credit: fligtar)

1. My hair looks great!

2. I find a new perfume scent!

3. Running doesn’t feel like pain.

4. I plan the perfect vacation for someone.

5. I make my hubby suffer through every season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Atlanta,”  “Beverly Hills,” New Jersey,” “New York.”….LOL

6. Tamar Braxton is on any TV show, she’s hilarious…….

7. My kids are naughty& their punishment is to RUB my back or my feet! MUH hahaha…..all the time

8. My son has a birthday & buys his own Amazon gift cards.

9. My daughter is in a sweet relationship with a nice young man.

10.Pictures on the wall at Doctor’s offices, Hospitals, People’s homes are level & I don’t have to adjust them & embarrass my hubby….