I LOVE it WHEN! # 22

Walt Disney World 2013 Princess Half 0151. I complete my first Disney “Princess Half Marathon!”

2. My kids go to bed early!

3. Its Sunny & 73 degrees outside.

4. Storage Wars is on & Jarrod & Brandi argue with Dave “YEP!

5. I eat healthy & feel good.

6. I’m bummed because I thought I used my last roll of Paper towels, but I find another roll in my pantry! BONUS

7. I Chainsaw tree limbs & don’t cut my arm off!

8.My DVR actually recorded shows I forgot were on-YAY:)

9. I watch American Pickers & they pop (gotta watch the show to understand) Really nice gentlemen, no other way to describe them:)

10. We pulled up to WDW at the Beach Club Resort to check in & literally written in the sky was “U & GOD = Smiley Face (Happiness) signed Jesus.” We knew we were in the right place “WDW”