I HATE it when! #34

Official Album: The Happiest Celebration on Ea...
Official Album: The Happiest Celebration on Earth – Walt Disney World Resort Album (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. I have to leave Walt Disney World!

2. I step on my puppy’s dog bone & cut my toe, now cooties are in my foot.

3. I finish my Princess Half Marathon & looked like crap, also because I had sunglasses stuffed in my sports bra which left a funny lumpy shape in all my photo’s.

4. My fingers swelled so much during my race— that I had to ask the medical tent, Is this normal???

5. I paint my nails & they chip the same day!

6. I have four months till next Disney trip.

7. I’m trying to will someone to do something & IT’S JUST NOT HAPPENING.

8. I go to the store specifically for toilet paper & spend over $50 bucks & get everything but the dang toilet paper.

9. We arrive at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida for a vacay & its colder than the state we left, that’s messed up

10. You go away on vacation & your girl puppy starts her doggy period, while your away, AWKWARD, SORRY MOM!!!!!!!



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