I HATE it when #30!

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1. I’m sick.

2. I try to make a basket with my trash– through my car window & miss & then have to get out of the car, pick it up, then like an idiot, I try again—-and MISS, vicious cycle…

3. I drop something tiny on the floor & can’t find it, then when I do, I try like a million times to pick it up, then lose it again…..again vicious cycle–we have a theme going–

4. I try to use my windshield wipers to clean bird crap off my car window, forgetting I’m out of wiper juice & it smears everywhere, while I’m on the interstate at night…..

5. I’m taking a lovely bath & then I find out, I’m out of shampoo/conditioner or worse SOAP!

6. When my kids let a popsicle melt in my car & not in their mouth!

7. I have to clean up what’s left of the popsicle & the stick is stuck to the floor mat.

8. I run out of bubble gum & gummy bears at the same time.

9. I’m driving my hubby’s jeep & run out of gas. FYI, the gas tank is behind the license plate

10. I’m driving my riding lawn mower two blocks in the dark  (with a headlight on)to my parents home and someone I know sees me, embarrassing– yet fun at the same time. Apparently people assume you’ve had something to drink if you do this…….not ME though.


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  1. Girl, you are so funny!! I could relate with a couple of those too! lol 🙂


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