I HATE it when #24!

Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. It’s hot in my bedroom & I’m to lazy to get up and turn on the fan.

2. My hubby sleeps sideways in our bed.

3. “Storage Wars” Dave Hester is a bully.

4. My hubby snores, all night long.

5. They don’t catch crab on “Deadliest Catch.”

6. I crave something & can’t have it,  garlic spicy shrimp-Shrimp truck, Hawaii.

7. I’m singing away in the car to an oldie but goodie & I’m notified by my hubby that the words I’m singing are not the correct ones & I’ve been doing it that way for years

8. My dog Baxter starts barking in the middle of the night….

9. My kids quote Stewie off of “Family Guy”

10. I’m to tired to read & write.


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  1. 🙂 one of those days !


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