I LOVE it when #13!

zac efron in 2008
zac efron in 2008 (Photo credit: johanferreira15)

1. I make the perfect sandwich.

2. Debbie Gibson gets kicked off Celebrity Apprentice! Hopefully next, Aubrey, nobody likes a know it all!

3. My hubby gives me a gift for no apparent reason :)) Hmm, is that a good thang:((((LOL!

4. My favorite nail polish (spicy shrimp) is full.

5. People pay it forward.

6. I have a full gas tank.

7. Zac Efron in any movie, show, commercial, interview, awards–get the hint! ( Celebrity cougar crush) “The lucky One” can’t wait to see it.

8. I’m walking through a wildlife refuge & a snake comes across the path in front of me, instead of ON me.

9. A new show preview comes on “Momma’s boy of the Bronx!” and gives me a hardy chuckle. I thought it was a joke!

10. I sleep through the night without having to wake up to pee!