I HATE it when #21!

Solarized/solarised recolored photograph of a ...

1. Someone puts a empty box of cereal back in the pantry.

2. I buy a new dip mix that requires sour cream and I don’t have sour cream.

3. I open a new bag of potato chips & there all crumbs, a little hard to dip a crumb!

4. We just leave the house & my kids tell me their thirsty & just assume I will pull over & buy them a drink, I say swallow your spit or wait till we get home like most people do…Water fountain’s are free….

5. I go to the local casino’s and DON’T drink but leave with a gigantic hangover from second-hand smoke…..and no fun to go along with it.

6. I’m doing yard-work & the extension cord comes unplugged multiple times.

7. Speaking of extension cords,  I always have knots in the cord, I don’t know how they get there.

8. Playing dodge ball &  not dodging fast enough & getting hit square in the face.

9. Mannequins have no clothes on, its just wrong!

10. I just wash my car & a bird poop’s all over it!