Momma makes change!

English: A grocery store in David, Panama

My mother went to our neighborhood grocery store to pick up a few items the other day. After checking out she received her change & put it her pocket (no big deal, right?) She walked towards to the service desk gleefully, almost skipping – in hopes of winning with a LUCKY powerball ticket she was going to purchase, suddenly she realized change was falling out of her pants, LITERALLY–she was dropping change–DING a nickel here, DONG a dime there. OH NO, she thought, I must have a hole in my pocket! The store was crowded, so she acted like she didn’t notice money falling out of her pants till THUG–a quarter falls out & realized it was worth bending down for & possibly mooning someone over, she picked it up & then DING another & DONG another then one more DING DONG — or so she thought, “Ma’am a bag boy said, Ma’am” my mom looked around motioning with her hand “Me”, “Yes you dropped this!”he said & handed her a dime & nickel!” “Thank you, she said sheepishly” at this point she really just wanted to get the heck out of dodge, now wondering did this honest bag boy know it fell from her drawers, did he actually see the change fall, these questions consumed her mind, till she was snapped back into reality by another “Ma’am, Ma’am here’s some more!” & hands her a single penny. My mom could not get out of the store fast enough— probably dropping dimes, nickels, quarters & pennies the whole way out, OH not quarters, I forgot she’ll pick them up……The End

P.S. Who needs a ATM machine when my momma’s around! I’d rather big bills fall out of her pocket….