Busy, Busy, Busy

Scrabble game
Image by jcolman via Flickr

Ive been so busy lately, Thanksgiving was wonderful, ate way too much as usual, two different homes of wonderful food. Black Friday was fun, my daughter first time shopping with me from 10:30pm till 1:00am at Wally World, Target & Kohl’s, got a 32 inch flat screen for a new computer monitor, pj’s, Tupperware, Pyrex dishes, etc. The crowds were absolutely unbelievable this year & crazier than ever, my daughter was so excited seeing such nutso’s in person, she wanted to shop all night & I was a fuddy duddy. She had to get up bright & early & shop again with her nana. Later on black friday, while my hubby watched LSU/Arkansas game, I did yard work & cleaned up around house in preparation for Christmas decorations, so tired.

Today my sister came in from Dallas with my nephew, so we pretty  much hung out at my parents home with nephew & celebrated his belated 2nd birthday since we weren’t with him on his special day! He loved all the extra attention & playing with the balloons, it wore him out & me too. Tomorrow just more like today, hanging out with family, chillin’, eating & playing board games like scrabble, cards, scattergories, etc. Actually, I know what you’re thinking, sounds pretty boring —- but we always have lots & lots of laughs & fun!!!!! A family that scrabble’s together stays together…..haha.