I Hate it when #11

Living on Credit Cards
Image by Images_of_Money via Flickr

1. I’m dvring 2 shows at once & both shows commercials are timed the same.

2. It’s the finale of Dancing with the Stars.

3. I get to Hot Springs, Arkansas & its raining all weekend.

4. I have to pack up the car in pouring down rain & mud

5.When all my favorite shows come on the same night.

6. I found out the new Pirates of the Caribbean didn’t include hottie Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley–Sad

7. I’m snow skiing, & its raining. Breckenridge Colorado, February 2011

8. I clean my house just right & my family messes it back up.

9. My son acts like a zombie when he’s playing video games.

10. Someone fraudulently gets my CC# & steals money from me to buy APPs in Beijing, China