Middle School’s haunted bathroom stall!

Image by Krzysztof Pacholak via Flickr

My son told me a tale of a murder about forty years ago, of a disliked teacher killed by his students in the boys bathroom stall at his middle school & dragged out an hid under the football stadium. I said tale~ because I also went to this school when I was younger and I’ve never heard this story, there’s absolutely no proof anywhere of this incident ever happening. Made up by kids and tweaked every time it was told, to make it more scary and dramatic.

So my son and his friend were going to solve the mystery (scooby & shaggy) in the SCARY bathroom. His friend went towards the exact stall this man was SO CALLED murdered in and he said it’s locked, he couldn’t get in it, SPOOKY and there was different colored paint on wall next to THE STALL where they must have covered blood up, my son said very dramatically. Then they both yanked on the door to see why this ghostly door would not open, then out of nowhere, they heard a voice scream “Leave me alone” they were so freaked out, they jumped back,  the door flew open and a boy said “I’m gonna punch you perverts, if you don’t get away from my bathroom door!” Wow, scary but not in the sense they were expecting!

BOO….so the tale of the haunted stall is solved, the door wasn’t hauntedly (my word) locked by the SO CALLED murdered disliked teacher, there was just a boy trying to go potty in a middle school boys bathroom stall.