Panties & my hubby

Panties For Peace
Image by divid3d via Flickr

My hubby calls me all day long, half the time we’re just rambling about silly stuff or talking about our kids. This particular day he called for an actual purpose. He phoned to tell me to STOP using fabric softener sheets in our dryer once and for all (it makes things cling). Surprised by his reaction to dryer sheets, I should have suspected my panties creeping into this story! He has a great job making good moola in the oil & gas field, enough so I can stay home with kids comfortably and enjoy being a homemaker. We’re by no means millionaires, but comfortable, the point in telling you this, he does wear a uniform for safety regulations while on a job site, usually a one piece jumper.  He works around a lot of men, they bullshit & rag eachother all day long. So picture this, men standing around in a circle cutting up– when my hubby reaches under his sleeve of his uniform and pulls out YEP, YOU GUESSED IT MY SILK WHITE GRANNY PANTIES or as he would call them, my parachutes, life preservers, circus tent, I could go on! He was stunned by his finding, he stuck them back up in his sleeve until he could get away and put them in his truck.  Since that day, I do not use dryer sheets because my panties were on the verge of getting a passport!  Again adding more fuel to the fire of my family panty jokes, ever since then my sister in law says my panties get around more than I do. Hehahehaheha!


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