Church & more of my panties

So were enjoying Sunday at Church when my daughter notices a bump in her dress. She nonchalantly tries to flatten the bump out, but it won’t go away then realizes something is in her dress she reaches up to pull it out & finds a surprise alright, my purple granny panties caught up in the liner of her nice dress! Not again, I think! (read my other story, black thong & third grade) She gets them out just in the nick of time. By now, my panties are gaining quite the reputation!  At this point, my family is starting to tell jokes about them, their becoming a life of there own! “The Chronicles of my granny panties!” “Harry Potter & Dawn’s granny panties!” and I saved the best for last “Sisterhood of my traveling granny panties!”

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  1. Phoebe says:

    That is so funny!


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