One of my MOST embarrassing moments ever (WDW)

IMG_4635On our recent visit to Walt Disney World Resort a few weeks ago, I experienced one of my most embarrassing moments EVER . The Beach Club Resort was our home away from home on this trip and concierge level to boot, ooh la la, or better yet HA HA HA (you’ll see why). It was 9:45 in the morning when my hubby rushed me and my tiara out the door for breakfast, usually served between 7-10am in the club lounge “Stone Harbor Club” I digress.

Lots of guests were out and about in the hallways; so being the nice southern folks we are, we wished them: GOOD MORNING, a few HEY Y’ALL, nice MOUSE EAR shout outs and a few WHAT UP- PRINCESS. All the niceties you’d say whilst skipping down the hall in a Disney hotel. Finally we arrived in the lounge and much to our chagrin, it was packed, no biggie, its set up like a buffet, we’ll wait our turn. Then all of a sudden a woman cornered me, she got all up in my grill (personal space). My first thought WOW a little early to be flirted with by a lady, I hadn’t even had my coffee yet, second thought flattered all the same, third thought does anyone else see this crazy lady!

I truly wish it had been one of those circumstances, instead the lady worked in the lounge and wanted to let me know “privately” that my maxi dress had a huge tear/hole in the buttocks region and I was literally showing my ass to a very crowded concierge lounge. First thought My hubby walked behind me the entire way here and normally stares at my rear daily and this one NOW permanently etched day in my brain, he didn’t look or notice a six-inch tear in my dress, second thought I could die right here and now (Disney, no better place to croak-right) third thought He really didn’t look at my butt…..Really

Needless to say I was mortified, thanked the sweet lady and said “no wonder I felt a breeze walking down the hall!” I made a joke to keep from ugly crying in front of everyone. I grabbed my dress from behind and practically sprinted down the hall, again with the niceties: GOOD MORNING (for you, not me), HEY Y’ALL, Nice MOUSE EAR shout outs and AHHHH–Suck it Princess, I’m in a hurry. I finally got to my room and could you believe the embarrassing morning got worse, I didn’t have my room key, my hubby did–back in the lounge. Bonus–my daughter stayed behind to take a shower, she must be finished, she’ll rescue me, NOT! I knocked on the door, Peyton, please let me in, Peyton, let your mother in, PLEASE, let me in, damn it! Then, out of no where, just like the movies–bright lights obstructed my vision and a heroine, yes I said “HEROINE” appeared, all dressed in 1800’s New England period clothing to rescue me, it was the housekeeper with her glowing cart and her sparkly Master Room Key. She must have heard my cry, she asked no questions, just let me in the room. I must have looked pitiful grabbing my behind, now that I’ve thought about it, she probably thought I had to go #2.

The moral of this story, women, don’t rush out for breakfast, or your ass might literally show. The real kicker of this “True Dawn Story” it was so crowded in the lounge that morning, they extended breakfast time……..

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  1. Lydia says:

    Hysterical! Dawn, I love the way you narrate your stories. We’re so much alike, it’s not even funny 🙂 Leave it to Ryan to THIS ONE TIME not be on his job of booty surveillance.


  2. Linked to this blog in my blog on embarrassing moments, too funny!

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  3. Ellen Cusack says:

    Oh Dawn, I’m still dying of laughter because I can see myself in that moment!
    By the way, you are a very beautiful woman and I can see a six inch backside tear being quite obvious,but hey these things happen even in the most magical place on earth!
    Thank goodness for the Concierge floor lounge otherwise you would be in the foyer of resort or Magic Kingdom before someone noticed and they might not have been as kind.
    Next time I am always checking the rear view mirror before I go out the door, thanks for the very helpful lesson of a woman’s traveling life!


    1. dawnsdorkydisneydiary says:

      You’re very sweet Ellen, thank you! It could have happened as I walked down the hall, it was a long dress and I tend to walk on my dresses. One would think I would of heard or felt it though:() Maybe I shouldn’t wear long dresses anymore…


  4. Tamela Hansen says:

    That is great! I’m still laughing!


    1. dawnsdorkydisneydiary says:

      Thank you Tamela, it was fun writing…not so fun experiencing…but funny nowwww.


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