Happy 88th Birthday~ Daddy! We Miss you Every Second!

Today is a very difficult day for my family and I. My daddy would have been eighty-eight today, it’s his birthday. Happy Special Day, Daddy! I know he would want us to celebrate his life! So here it goes!

I’m going to honor my daddy today, like I have every year since he passed away (2019) and post the things that we LOVE/LOVED about him. They might be silly to you, but they’re endearing to us;

*He’s a Diva! Plain and simple, he loved his hair comb, nail clippers and handkerchief and always had them in his pocket! (old school)

*He would say made up cute words like-Hookie Pook, etc!

*The T.V. remote control was his BFF!

*He forever wanted us to bring him a treat when we went to the store!

* He also loved Western movies.

*A McDonald’s Frappe was called “Frappy!”

*He would call Sketcher tennis shoes “Skeetchers!”

*He would always say “Sootchi” for Sushi!

*He loved to feed the backyard wildlife with birdseed and deer corn

*I made him tell me one day a few months ago what he would be when he passed away (not even realizing it would be so soon), so I would know when he was around- he finally told me after weeks of poking and prodding, if passed he would come back as a Blue Jay, a BADASS BLUE JAY! I search for blue Jays everyday…. sad

*Loved Super Kroger, Sam’s Club on Airline, Electronic stores and Super One Stores,for some reason!

*Loved to talk in other languages that he could not speak fluently, Mucho Gracious, Bonjour Seniora.

*Loved to whistle loud throughout any store or anywhere so we could find him and he us!

*Loved to pretend our family vehicle growing up was a 4-wheeled drive and pull the pretend lever and make a noise! Just to be silly 🙃

*He would tuck me in at night when younger and we would sing “The Sun will come out Tomorrow” Annie soundtrack and from the Wizard Of Oz “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” before going to sleep at night. Seems so fitting now!!!!!!

*He would trace my lips when I was a baby/toddler with his fingertips and said that I would open my mouth so wide because it soothed me!

*Hated anything to do with death and any mention of it, funerals and depressing music.

*Loved his Wife and Kids!

*Little kids were just adorable to him.

*Was literally the most amazing husband and daddy EVER!

*Smiled often, laughed more often!

*Healthy appetite, didn’t care if his food mixed together on a plate!

*If someone asked his name, he would say Julio Iglesias or other celebrity names!

*Life of the party

*Laissez-faire attitude, did not give a frick. Especially in older age!

*Flipped you off or anyone who made him or his family upset.

*He would sit with his leg crossed like a girl all the time, said it was comfy!

*He was magical and a child at heart!

*Loved Hot Springs, Arkansas and the Arlington Hotel!

*He could Woodwork the shit out of something.

*He had knowledge about anything and everything!

*He would gripe at old lady drivers, what he called~ blue-hair bitches, lol! (He was joking)

*He was a full time JOKESTER!

*He loved me cutting his hair, even though I’m not a hairdresser! I think just to spend more time together!

*Loved to bitch at people in grocery store for not having sale price stuff! He would get a lot of Rain Checks!

*Loved Coffee, Beer, Winemaking, Gardening and having FUN and Laughter!

*Griped at Mama and me for giving back our money to the Casino and not bringing it home or to him.

*Loved Catfish, Pinto Beans, Hot Water Cornbread, Chicken, Sardines!

*Any jokes about FARTS, yes, FARTING!

*Always brought a Banana in my car, even when we were going out to eat!

*Would wave like a droopy dog!

*He loved to Draw and Paint and did it well!

*He loved to take Photos of anything & everything!

*Enter photos or crafts in State Fair contest with me every year and win!

*Going to a shoe store was crazy town with him, as he was very particular about his shoes!

*My daddy was the most genuine and unique person that I’ve ever known. These are just a few of the fun things we love/loved about him, there are countless others. Too many to list!!!!

I implore everyone to spend time with your family members. Video as often as you can. It’s priceless!!!!!!

Happy 88th Birthday my sweet, “DIVA DADDY!” We love you and we’ll NEVER forget you!