“Toy Story Land” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


June 30th, 2018


Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort


Welcome to Andy’s backyard, where toys come to life and visual stimulation is at an all-time high. Imagine that Andy’s childhood toy box exploded……….wait for it………………..wait for it…………….. in his backyard. Voilà, you are now inside Toy Story Land where guests and toys are equal in comparison! Here’s what you can expect.


Toy Story Mania– Sound familiar? It should, it’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios prized possession, since May 2008, minus the word Midway. This competitive 3D carnival attraction has swirled families through midway style games for more than a decade. Grab your 3D glasses and shoot till your hearts content. If you gain the highest score in your ride vehicle, you’ll win bragging rights. Throughout the game you will notice some familiar faces- Woody, Hamm, Buzz Lightyear, Rex & Trixie. Ready, Set, Aim! (No height requirement.)

Slinky Dog Dash– My guess is it will be the most sought after ride at Walt Disney World Resort besides Avatar- Flight of Passage. The family friendly Slinky Dog coaster is similar to the Barnstormer in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, except for a much longer ride experience. The ride technology is unique in the sense that it will feature a slinky-esque bounce that’s new to Disney and coasters alike. The ride vehicle will hold eighteen people which will allow guests a shorter wait time. (Must be 38 inches tall to ride.)

Alien Swirling Saucers– Have you ever wanted to jump onboard a toy rocket? Now’s your chance- Andy’s won cool new toy at Pizza Planet and he’s hospitable enough to let us ride. Jump into your rocket and spin. The ride system is similar to Tow Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree at Disney’s California Adventure with one exception- the claw. Randomly, one lucky ride vehicle will be chosen by the claw, but we’ll have to wait till June 30, 2018 to find out what the claw actually does! Good luck, “I hope you get the claw!” Disney make that quote on a t-shirt and I get a cut….. (Must be 32 inches to ride.)


Woody’s Lunch Box– You’re sure to work up an appetite while visiting Andy’s backyard! Lucky for you Woody’s Lunch Box can hush your HANGRY. This quick service walk-up window serves American fare for breakfast, lunch & dinner. It will also feature Toy Story-themed specialties. Come one, come all!

The time is rapidly approaching to visit Woody and the entire Toy Story gang. Mark your calendar and head to infinity and beyond at Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, June 30th, 2018!