Review of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge- Geyser Point Bar & Grill!

Walt Disney World Resort’s Pacific Northwest inspired hotel is magnificent. Serene must be Wilderness Lodges middle name. This property encapsulates the national park feel with rustic elements around every ahh-inspired topiary. The hotel has an actual living, breathing Geyser, hence the name of the restaurant.

My hubby and I water taxied over one gorgeous afternoon to savor lunchie munchie at Geyser Point! It’s a quick service restaurant so it does not require advance dining reservations. Here is our take away-

At first glance, we were blown away by the natural beauty of this open aired eatery. Depending on your schedule, you have a choice of counter service or quick service. The bar & grill has a casual, laid-back vibe with a plethora of seating options, most of which view Bay Lake. Our view was no different, it was everything! I wish I could say the same about the vexatious patio chairs and the proximity to our neighbors. I’m not one to complain, but we were awkwardly close, like lap dance close!

We salivated over the modest menu, to us, it narrowed down the “should we trys.” With less to figure out selection wise, we soaked in the peaceful scenery and enjoyed time spent together, it was after all our 21st Wedding Anniversary trip.

My hubby went with the “when in Rome” choice and selected the Bison Burger and Waffle Fries along with Cigar City Jai Alai IPA.

I on the other hand chose the Classic Cheeseburger and Waffle Fries along with my fave Disney drink~ the Piña CoLava.

To our surprise, this was no lackluster “theme park” burger, it was Phat with loads of flava, it was um-um good! It had deluxe quality taste with quick service pricing. We licked our plates clean and our neighbors plates too, being that we were practically conjoined twins, lol.

“Jackpot” was our overall interpretation of Geyser Point Bar & Grill!  The price, paired with the service, quality of food and the rustic ambience was a win-win in our restaurant repertoire’. Enjoy!