“Best Friends Pet Care” at Walt Disney World Resort!

Best Friends Pet Care

While the family’s away the pets will play! Ever wonder if your fur babies can participate in the magic at Walt Disney World Resort? Yes, they can, if you are staying at Fort Wilderness Campground in a Tent or RV, designated “pet” site, otherwise Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World Resort is an enchanted option. Your pawsome pet has lots of room to play, 27,000 sq ft to be exact, this Snow White of pet care center’s, is the fairest of them all.

Best Friends 2

Don’t worry about your cuddly canine or feline fatale while you’re on vacay, they’re on one too!  You are only a hop, skip & a jump away. Spoiled is the name of the game, so much so, they won’t want to go back home; unless they live in a castle,,,,,made of dog bones, woot! Your pooch from another mooch will want the best of the best, because that’s what they received at Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World Resort.

Important Things to know:

  • Best Friends Pet Care Center is NOT Disney Owned, they have 41 locations in 19 states. Although they do have one charming location on Disney property located at: 2510 Bonnet Creek Parkway, Lake Buena Vista Florida, 32830
  • You do NOT have to be a Disney Resort guest to house your animal here. It is an equal opportunity pet facility, lol. Locals can house their pets at this locale, but Disney Resort guests will receive priority.
  • Advance reservations are recommended, it’s a good idea to book right after you’ve made your Disney/ Orlando ressies. One night deposit is required at time of reservation (prices vary)- Call 1 877-493-9738
  • Your pet will need to be up-to-date on all vaccinations and proper proof shown upon arrival
  • As amazing, as Best Friends Pet Care Center is, pet OWNERS are NOT allowed to stay overnight with their pet. Yes, there is a reason I’m mentioning this, people have asked. (they are one fry short of a happy meal)
  • Your pet must be 5 months or older
  • Your pet must be spayed and/or neutered upon arrival
  • No primates or venomous pets allowed, really- HAHA
  • They are open 365 days a year, 7 days a week for your convenience. Staffed around the clock, but only open to public during normal business hours~ one hour before earliest park open, until one hour after latest park close. *TIP– Do not dilly-dally around or you’ll be literally paying for it
  • Disney does NOT supply courtesy transportation to this facility
  • It’s NOT just for dogs; most all pets are welcome. Cats, Hamsters, (non venomous) Snakes, even fish- HAHA (I’m picturing someone bringing in a fish, bless their heart.) They call this section of the facility “Pocket Pets” and for this section ONLY, you MUST bring your pets cage, bowl, aquarium from home to house them in, as they only have an area to store them
  • They can house over 300 pets in total
  • They can accommodate day campers, as well as multi-day/night campers (they call pets-CAMPERS, adorbs)
  • If your pet requires medications/shots during their stay, it’s your responsibility. They will not store, nor administer it to your pet (might depend on the situation (?)
  • They ONLY provide; pet-sitting, boarding, and grooming at this location. If your pet requires medical attention whilst there, they will notify you first and/or refer you to a nearby veterinarian.
  • Grooming is for Cats and Dogs only (obviously) I mean come on, how could you groom, a snake or fish, HAHA
  • Price Varies~ dependent on number of pets you bring, length of stay and level of boarding (size of suite).
  • You can bring more than one species, for instance, you have one cat and one dog. You will pay for both and they will be boarded separately. Different species, no matter if (non specie) siblings, will be boarded separately. Now on the other hand, if you have two cats and/or two dogs (same specie) and you want them housed together depending on the size of animal and the level of boarding (size) you purchased, you are allowed to do that (facility discretion.)
  • *TIP– You are allowed to stop in during normal business hours to hug and kiss all over them if you want. You can also take them for a walk. Remember transportation is on you
  • Multiple pet discount
  • Other Membership Discounts apply, such as: AP, DVC, etc. (Disney location only) 


  • 4 VIP Luxury Suites (Dogs only) include: flatscreen TV, pet cot, private patio area, two potty walks, two playgroups, bed time story and webcam for your viewing pleasure, plus after a 3 night stay they will receive a Go Home Fresh shampoo service.
  • Indoor (dog boarding) includes: 32 square feet of climate controlled space, pet cot and unlimited access to their pet patio and two potty walks a day
  • Indoor/Outdoor two room accommodation (dog boarding) includes: climate controlled indoor bedroom, an outdoor patio which is protected from the elements, one potty walk a day
  • Vacation Villas (dog boarding) includes: 14- two-room villas, private outdoor patio, platform bed area, one potty walk, playgroup, flatscreen TV and a turndown dog biscuit
  • Kitty City can house 24 two-level or four-level kitty condos in a separate wing of the building
  • Pocket Pet Area– Rabbits, Fish, Guinea pigs, Snakes (non-venomous) and Hamsters are welcome. All pet supplies including cage/housing will be supplied by owner.

Whether you’re boarding your Master of Disaster, Meow-nificent or your RumpleSNAKEskin, Best Friends Pet Care is the PURRfect pet palace. So go ahead an enjoy your Disney holiday, knowing your fur babies are nearby, at their home away from home.