“Club Level” Benefits at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Club Level (CL) is a higher level of service (magic) you can select at an additional cost when staying at select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. My family enjoyed club level at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and also Disney’s Beach Club Resort. The “POLY” is hands down my family’s favorite on-property deluxe accommodation and the King Kamehameha Club is no doubt our front-runner.

Disney is renowned for extraordinary service, but sometimes peeps want more attention, convenience and pampering. That’s when extraordinary service morphs into exemplary service and that is where club level comes into play. Look at it like an extra sprinkle of pixie dust. If you enjoy feeling like a pretty princess and aren’t afraid to pay for it, then concierge is right up your alley or in this case~ Main Street, U.S.A.

Hotels that offer this service:

The Polynesian Village ResortKing Kamehameha Club is located in the Hawaii longhouse for guests staying club level in the Hawaii Longhouse/Tonga Suites. *My family’s personal favorite club level resort and a visual masterpiece.

The Grand Floridian ResortRoyal Palm Club is located on the 4th floor of the main building and Sugar Loaf Key is located in the Sugar Loaf building 1st floor, both offer club level services. TIP– I’ve heard that the Royal Palm Club is the nicer of the two and is priced a bit higher than Sugar Loaf Key.

The Contemporary Resort– The Tower Club located on the 14th floor and the Atrium Club located on the 12th floor, both offer club level services.

The Wilderness LodgeOld Faithful Club is located on the 7th floor of the resort.

The Boardwalk InnInnkeepers Club is located on the 4th floor of the resort.

The Beach ClubStone Harbor Club in my personal experience is mediocre, the lounge is small and it was hard to find a place to sit most of the time. I didn’t find the staff as magical as I would have liked, except the nice cast member who let me know my dress was ripped and my panties were showing, true story! The post of that special moment~http://wp.me/P1Uk8b-4eB

The Yacht ClubRegatta Club lounge is located on the 5th floor.

The Animal Kingdom LodgeKilimanjaro Club lounge is located on the 6th floor. TIP– I’ve heard good things about this concierge service. I’ll have to give it a shot one day.

Coronado Springs Resort– is the only moderate hotel on Walt Disney World Resort property to have club level services. The services are located in Coconino Cove lounge. The rooms are located in Cabanas building 9B. The concierge lounge is not staffed at this resort, but it does offer breakfast, snack and evening desserts and cordials. TIP- Mainly a business/conference hotel, less Disney feel to me.

With Club Level you can generally expect:

* Your wallet to be empty, lol. Joking not joking, expensive!
* Private, Club Level Check-in- usually located within the concierge building or a private club level floor.
* Club Level Guest Services available from 7am-10pm.
* Pre-trip planning for those who need help making advance reservations for dining, tickets and/or shows.
* Location of rooms or CL Lounge is convenient to main lobby, transportation or recreational areas.
* Two robes in your guest room- I have to admit they aren’t the most comfortable or fashionable robes I’ve ever had on.
* Small refrigerator and coffee maker with a selection of teas and coffees. I think most Disney moderate and deluxe hotels offer these items also.
* Continental Breakfast- 7am-10:30am each morning of your stay. Offerings include coffee, juice, tea, fruit, breads and breakfast pastries.
* Snacks 11am-4pm- Crackers, nuts, gummy worms, cookies and pretzels.
* They have fresh whole fruit and beverages available most the day.
* Appetizers 5pm-7pm- Hot appetizers, crudités, fruit/cheese tray and most any beverage including wine and beer.
* Desserts and Cordials 8pm-10pm- Dessert are those served at Walt Disney World Resort restaurants and look and taste divine. Don’t forget your cordials (if legal age) yes, I said cordials plural; I might have more than one to drink, don’t judge me, lol!
* Evening Turn Down service with chocolates- My daughters favorite thing about CL, she steals all our chocolates and eats them herself.
* Personalized Chocolate Welcome gift.
* Ability to check-out movies and board games from CL Lobby.
* Secure access via MagicBand/Key Card to the private CL building, floor or lounge.
* Daily~ USA Today Newspaper
* Extra toiletries
* Stocked mini-bar in some of the rooms.
* When you purchase souvenirs in the parks and opt to have them sent back to your Disney resort, they will have it in your room instead of your hotel gift shop like standard rooms.

Staying concierge does not necessarily mean that you will get:

* To be a Disney Princess, ha-ha, but maybe feel like one!
* Into sold-out dinner shows; I tried this, they had no sway… They will work above and beyond to try.
* Priority treatment anywhere else on property except the usual Magic.
* The snacks provided to CL guests are not meant to replace full meals.
* The club level rooms are the same as non-concierge rooms; they are NOT necessarily larger, plush or more unique than any other room at your resort. The only difference is you’re paying for a higher level of service and it includes the aforementioned amenities.
* To act like a cave man and demand your way, lol. You still need to clean up after yourself in the club lounge and mind your Ps and Qs.


Tip– If staying at the King Kamehameha Club they will sometimes drive your family in the golf cart from the porte-cochere to the Hawaii/Tonga building when checking in, it’s quite the VIP experience.

My personal thoughts:

~It’s a splurge, plain and simple. No matter what special offer is out there, you will spend more for this service unless you receive a magical upgrade. I factor the cost for this extra service by how much time my family will spend at the resort. Then I calculate how much we would spend on breakfast, snacks and soft drinks/spirits throughout our trip. If the price isn’t absolutely exorbitant; I’ll book it, especially if it’s a special offer. We usually stay 7 nights and only get a 3 or 4 day Park Ticket, so we actually have time to enjoy the resort and the cost makes sense to us.

~It feels like the Club Level lounge is an extension of your living space. It’s also a great place to gravitate to with family or away from family when you’ve had just a little too much family togetherness, ba-dum-bum-ching!

~The concierge lounge is also a great place to bond with Disney castmembers or Disney lovers alike.

~King Kamehameha Club at the Polynesian Village Resort has the perfect view of the Electrical Water Pageant and Wishes in the concierge lounge with music piped in for full Disney effect.

~My son loves the hummus and ability to try new food he might not other wise have tried. He also loves being able to grab a coke on his way out of the club lounge.

~Again, my daughter loves her turn-down service chocolates.

~My hubby loves the ability to walk in the Club lounge at the “POLY” and grab a beer, coffee or soda instead of dealing with the crowds at the Barefoot Pool Bar or Capt’ Cooks.

I love knowing that when I book the King Kamehameha Club at the “POLY” I will be in the Hawaii Longhouse at my home-away-from-home!

I’d love to hear from you~ which Walt Disney World Resort club level is your favorite?